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There are so many people in this world who need to learn hacking but they don’t know which tools or software’s they have to use for hacking . So if you are finding best hacking software for beginners then my this tutorial will help to find 5 all time best tools which is used by most of the ethical hackers .

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Nmap (Port Scanner): There are so many tools available on the Internet for scanning purpose but Nmap is best rest of them . This software is help you to know how many port are open and which protocol is using by that particular ip which you want to scan .

Metasploit (Vulnerability Exploit Tool): Metasploit is one of the most popular tools for in this hacking world.
Through Metasploit tools you can enter anyone computer and mobile if you have a proper knowledge on it . This tools is used for checking computer and mobile vulnerability but few of people are misuse with this tools .
If you will install kali linux on your computer then you will get preinstall metasploit on it .

Wireshark : Wireshark is a free open source packet analyzing tool which help you you to troubleshoot and analysis your network . There few good features wireshark have like Rich VoIP analysis, display filters , Standard three-pane packet browser, Live capture , offline analysis
etc .

Burp Suite : It’s been important to know about Brup Suite if you are a hacker. Brup suite one the most powerful tools to find out website Vulnerablity. This tools have lots of option by which you can esily find out vulnerablity from your website .

John The Ripper (Password Cracking Tool): This tool is little bit older but still few people are using it . Mainly John the ripper is using for as password cracker .





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