Disable Administrative Sharing’s in Windows 7,8.1 & 10

In Windows systems administrator sharing’s are one of the built –in features, which helps us to get the access of C,D or other drives fully when you know the admin credentials. This type of data sharing options is mainly used by system administrators in any organizations to complete remote administration task.

Controlling the admin shares mainly depended on the network connection type you are connected. If you are on the domain network, then the domain administrator will have the rights to access the administrative shares on your computer. Also, group policies can be applied to enable or disable the admin shares on domain environment by the domain admin.

How to access administrator shares in Windows systems?

It is very simple way to access administrative shares in any Windows system, just open the run box by tapping Win+R key together and type the over there \\\C$ or you can search out with the hostname instead of IP address.

How to Disable administrative Shares in Windows Systems?

You can easily find out your shared drives in the computer management console, follow below steps to disable administrative shares in your Windows computer.

Step 1.: Open the Run box by following the above step and now write over there compmgmt.msc and hit enter, it will open the Computer Management console in front of you.

Step 2. : Now from the left panel expand the Shared Folders, and click on Shares. You can find all your drives with a $ symbol which means it is already shared.

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Step 3. : After that right click on each of the drives and choose Stop Sharing, after confirming the same you will be able to disable all your administrative drive sharing’s.


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