Share Windows 10/8.1/8.1/7 USB Printer Over The Network


This tutorial is gives complete guide to share your printer over the Network . Make sure that your all the pc are connected in same network otherwise it will not work . You can also use this same methods on ther Operating system like windows 7 , windows 8 and windows 8.1.


1. Open Run (Press Windows + R )
2. Type “Control Panel” and Press Enter from your keyboard. 


3. Choose “Large Icons”

4. Choose “Devices and Printers


5. Right click on your printer and Click on “Printer Properties

6. Click on “Sharing

7. Click on “Share this Printer

8. Now click on Apply and Ok 

9. Now open RUN Box again (Press Windows + R) and Type cmd after that press  Enter 

10. After open command propmt you have to type “ipconfig” and press Enter from your keyboard .

11. Copy your ipaddress from your command prompt


12. Now open run box on that computer from where you want to access your printer using the network . 

13. Type \\ipaddress of that machine from where you have already shared your printer . In my case it’s so I will put \\ and after the press Enter . 

14. Now right click on your printer and click on Connect 


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