Convert Speech to text in Windows 10

From the very beginning of Windows 7 we have been introduced with a feature called speech recognition, most of the windows users ignores this feature as they think it is unusable. In Windows 10 you can use this feature in an alternative way like for dictation purpose it can be able to convert your speech into text. Windows 10 has presented all its earlier features in a whole new way, like this speech recognition. Below I am providing the steps by following those you can easily setup convert your speech into texts.

Step 1 . : In the search bar of Windows 10 type speech recognition or press Win + H both keys simultaneously to get the same.

Step 2. : Click on the microphone icon to turn on the listening mode .

Step 3. : Now open any good content composition programming like Notepad, messaging applications and so forth and after that indicate the cursor the content field and begin to direct for the content. Talk in legitimate dialect and it would get engraved as soon on the screen as it is

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