Make Your Computer / PC / Laptop Faster

There are so many people are planning to upgrade there old laptop or pc because of poor performance. Whenever you bought a new pc in that time your pc was work so fast but after few time your pc became very slow day by day .
so whenever you are running new program on your computer like sony vegas , photoshop or trying to copy any files or folder your pc gonna very slow.
so if you want to how to improve your computer performance then you’ve come to the right place .


1. Turn Off your computer c: Drive indexing. because your all the program files are belong from c drive, so if you will turn off the indexing of your c drive then your pc will run little bit faster than before.

2. If you are using Google Chrome your computer then disabled the chrome background apps.



3. Delete Temporary Files from your computer.

How to delete Temporary Files from my Computer or PC ?

Just Open run box .

then type %temp%


after that you have to click on enter.

Select all the files and folder under temp folder by pressing Ctrl + A

Then press Shift + Delete


4. Disabled your computer graphics ( Run your computer as like server)

So first you need to right click on your my computer.
then you have to click on properties

After that your need to click on Change settings from right side corner.

Then you have to select Advanced Tab.

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Then you will get setting button under Performance tab so click on that settings button .



Then you have to select Adjust for best performance.


Then select apply and ok .



5. Disabled your startup programs ( Using msconfig command )

just open your run box ( Press windows + R)

type msconfig

then you have to select Startup Tab .

After taht you have to uncheck all the unwanted application which is start when you are turn on your computer .

Then select apply and ok .



Conclusion : If you optimize your pc by using tools then you can use CCleaner tool. .


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