Now You can Run Your android applications on Google Chrome

After the creation of Android there are lot more things are now open infront us to explore. Still people are experimenting on Android because it has numerous hidden tricks inside of it. Anyone can ever thought that running Android on a Windows PC will be so much easier and fun ? I hope you are guessing my point, yess! With the help of Bluestacks application we can easily run all android applications on windows PC, but today I will show you up another way of running Android over Windows through Google Chrome.
Google Chrome is the most popular and common internet browser of the world because of its fast and reliable nature for regular users. It has many features and tools which we can use as per our need, So to run android applications on Google chrome we need to Install an application in chrome to run the same is called ARC Welder.

How to install ARC Welder ?

Follow these below steps to install ARC Welder.

1. Open Google Chrome & in the search bar type “Webstore” , Click on the 1st( ) link.

2. An Webstore page will be open infront of you, in the search bar write the name of that application which is “ARC Welder” or you can find that from this link ( ).

3. Now click on add to chrome button and you will be able to install that application in Chrome apps.

This application runs on almost every version of Windows including Windows 10 and some version of MAC OS.

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Run android apps from ARC Welder :

After the successful installation of ARC Welder application ,you will be now able to run android apps from Google Chrome. To do the same please follow my below steps.

1. Download some android apps from any websites like apkmirror .

2. Now open ARC Welder from Chrome apps page and click on Add your apk button, simply add your apk file from there and click on Launch button.

3. It will now supposed to run that application.

Note about some clarifications : ARC Welder is basically an extension for Google chrome, which is use to test some android applications over Google Chrome. It will not run any high end games due to it does not supports any high graphics. I have tested some basic applications like Skype, speed test, accuweather, Gmail etc. it loads perfectly though I was feeling some lags while using those. Last but not the least It can able to run any single application at one time multiple apps are not supported here.



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