Setup Your Personal Mail Server with hMail Server

Mail server is an application or server which receives mails from Local users and forwards it to their desired senders, It basically act as a messaging system. The most common example of a mail server is Microsoft Exchange Server, it works on all the common mail protocols like POP3,SMTP, IMAP etc. Adding a mail server may includes some costs when you set that up for your organization, but have you ever tried to set up a mail server in Locally in your Windows PC?? If the answer is No, then definitely you can make it possible with the help of this post. In this post I am going to show you a way by which you can easily setup a Local Email Server by hMail Server.
Lets Know about that..

Installing hMail Server :

1. First of all we have to download and install hMail Server from here.
2. Now while Installing it select Built in DB Engine.

3. It will Now ask to set a password, so that you can use it as an administrator.

4. Click on finish button to complete the installation.

Create A Domain:

1. Open and login to the hMail Server administrator module and click on add a domain to create a domain.

2. Now in the domain name field put a fake Domain name for testing purpose like and click on save to successfully add your domain.


Change the server name:
1. Click on settings to expand the same and go to Protocols > SMTP -> Delivery of e-mail.
2. In that Delivery of e-mail tab put “localhost”as a hostname and make sure the TCP port is set to 25.

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3. Click on save.

Now Create an Account:
1. To create an account first of all go to Domain, expand your Domain name in my case it is
2. Now click on account, and hit Add button on the right side of that window .

3. After the put your desired mail id, like I am creating for myself
4. Change the administrator level to server and click on save.

Here you have created your Local mail server successfully, Now just setup a mail client by following below steps..

Configure Mail Client:

• Incoming Server is POP3, and the username is the full email address (like, and the password is raw text (no encrypt).
POP3 and SMTP server are “localhost” (without the quotes).
• Outgoing server do not require authentication.

Note : Don’t use your E-mail client and hMail Server at the same time, it may not function properly.


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